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Name of Nominee:  Matthew LaGrone
Company:                 Summit City Asset Remarketing LLC (SCAR)
Office Address:        4382 Bluffton Rd.
City, State & Zip:      Fort Wayne, IN 46809
Office Phone No.:    (260) 442-8266

  1.  Category:      Emerging Business


  1. Summit City Asset Remarketing (SCAR) was originally named Matt’s Computer Recycling when it opened for business in July 2007.  The company was formed to provide electronic recycling to Solid Waste Management Districts, recyclers, businesses, industries, educational institutions, individuals and not-for-profits.  In addition to computers and related equipment, the firm also recycles telecommunication devices, audio-visual equipment, televisions and other electronic items.  The name of the company was recently changed to Summit City Asset Remarketing (SCAR) to add another dimension to the business while continuing to promote the importance of recycling old computers.
  1. SCAR is the only electronic de-manufacturing facility in Fort Wayne and operates with a unique, zero-percent landfill policy that helps conserve natural resources and keep electronic products out of landfills.  As a result of this policy, all old equipment that does not sell is recycled rather than disposed of.  Another innovative aspect of the firm is that it returns revenues to the original owner when his or her old computer equipment is re-sold, providing an incentive for them to go green with Summit City Asset Remarketing. 


  1. SCAR’s innovative services address three important areas:  they provide practical and economical means for companies and organizations to conveniently get rid of their old electronic equipment; they offer an affordable alternative to those looking to purchase inexpensive computer equipment; and they minimize serious health risks to the community that could result from the disposal of electronic equipment.

When the used equipment arrives at SCAR’s headquarters, the equipment is cleaned and any sensitive data files are removed, maintaining the privacy of the former owner.  SCAR then resells the equipment through a variety of connections and returns 60 percent of the sale proceeds to the former owner, reimbursing them for investment.  If the old equipment does not sell, it is recycled rather than disposed of.

Recycling of the old electronic equipment protects the environment from toxic materials such as lead, cadmium and mercury that leak into the soil and ground water when electronic components are disposed of in landfills.  This not only conserves natural resources but also protects area residents from potentially serious health risks.

  1. A unique aspect of SCAR’s innovative services is not only the types of services offered, but also the fact that the company handles all aspects related to the remarketing transaction.  SCAR will pick up the equipment from the owner, helping to de-clutter the offices and create a more efficient working environment.  SCAR will then clean the equipment and remove any sensitive data files, freeing the donor of this time-consuming task.  Finally, SCAR will find a buyer for the old equipment and return a portion of the sale’s proceeds to the original owner.  The entire process makes for a seamless transition from the old owner to the new owner, eliminating hassles and saving time and money for all involved.


  1. Prior to founding Summit City Asset Remarketing, owner Matthew LaGrone worked at a computer recycling facility in Youngstown, Ohio, for five years, which was one of the first companies in the U.S. to be involved in computer recycling.  While working at the Ohio facility, Matt made a lot of contacts and decided to open his own company.  “I always wanted to start my own business and was familiar with the industry, so I pursued it and moved back to Fort Wayne to get it started,” he said. 
  1. Matthew LaGrone is working on taking his company from merely going green to the greener pastures of business success.  In the past year, SCAR has handled approximately ___ pieces of old electronic equipment that has either been remanufactured or recycled.  He is using his experience in the de-manufacturing of electronic equipment for recycling and remarketing, and is leveraging his resources and contacts to easily find those who can re-use the computer and IT equipment that his company refurbishes.  These include either other computer resellers, or interested parties secured through SCAR’s Website or eBay account.  For equipment that does not sell, he is recycling components such as copper, aluminum, system boards, plastic, steel, and funnel, monochrome or panel glass – providing peace of mind in knowing that the land is being preserved for future generations through SCAR’s recycling efforts.


  1. In addition to the remarketing and recycling of used computer and IT equipment, SCAR also helps coordinate computer recycling events for cities, organizations, municipalities and Solid Waste Management Districts.  An example of this is a computer recycling event held at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne that collected close to 300 computers, 250 monitors, 200 printers, and 25 laptops.

Nominated by:          Mary Popovich, Business Advisor
Company:                 Northeast Indiana Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
Office Address:         IPFW, Atten.: SBDC, 2101 Coliseum Boulevard, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805
Office Phone No.:    (260) 481-0495                                 E-Mail:




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